Saturday, March 7, 2009

Witness to Love

Today was a very eventful day! Although I've known for almost a month, today my roommate got engaged and I got to assist in this wonderful event. It all started 3 weeks ago when I went to Wichita with Laura! That evening we went to her high school's homecoming event. While she and our friend Retta were conversing with a teacher, Laura's boyfriend of 5 years asked if I would be around March 7 because he was planning on proposing that day and wanted me to help him. I said yeah I'd be glad to help in anyway I could. Over the next 3 weeks we would occasionally talk and he would throw an idea out to me or tell me his plan and what I needed to do. During this time, I continued to behave normally around Laura, joining her in pondering when the proposal might be. She was convinced it would be in NY while they were there for Spring Break. I would just laugh to myself knowing it would be sooner, and verbally agree with her!

On Thursday, David revealed his final plans for the proposal. And today I was in charge in helping them go smoothly. He had emailed me 4 letters in which he slowly revealed the plan to her. The first note told her that he had scheduled a massage for her and I in celebration of her 20th birthday, which is in a week! The second note was accompanied with a delicious lunch of chicken fettuicine alfredo, garlic mashed potatoes and her favorite brownies; all of which had been prepared by him while we were at our massages. Then I was to "find" the third note which instructed her to get ready for the day, and preferrably be ready by 2. My ridiculous way of finding the note was to say it was sitting on my bathroom counter. As ridiculous as it was, she surprisingly didn't realize my lie until later when she had a moment to think through it. As she hopped in the shower, I placed the fourth and final note on her computer, surrounded by rose petals. This final note told her about the puzzle hidden within the letters, which spelled out "Meet Me At The Campanile." After I left the last note I slipped out of our house and went to campus to meet David, where I was to be taking pictures.

She said yes! It brought tears to my eyes and filled my heart with love for their love. I am so so excited for the two of them and the things that their future together will hold. Although they're young, their love for each other is beautiful and true. They are both strong and believe in what they have and believe in each other. In fact, these two people, Laura and David are my two friends who had a disagreement the other day, but were still able to work it out. The funny thing I learned today about this argument is that he was unavailable and not very sympathetic because he had been busy asking her parents for permission!

Laura, if you read this I wanted to let you know: Today is day 1,905. I love you! I wish you and David the most happiness and love two people can have! I hope to one day find a love like what you two have! Best wishes!
Words of Wisdom: Choosing a love, and then, being strong enough to live up to your commitment of love is the essence of love.

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