Friday, March 6, 2009

My visitors

Yesterday, as I sat outside on campus, in unusally warm weather for Kansas on the 5th of March, I was joined by two ladybugs. It was unbelievably strange but I also felt lucky. I read somewhere once that ladybugs are good lucky so I felt particularly blessed. So as I allowed the first one to crawl around on my hand I pondered what sort of luck they would bring me. A new love perhaps, or maybe I could pass the luck on to my little brother whose basketball team is one game away from State Basketball! Then as I was wondering how long the ladybug would stick around, it flew off, hopefully to bring good luck to another KU student!

I was sadden that the ladybug had left me and was also superstituous that perhaps I wouldn't have any luck after all. So there I sat in the beautiful sunlight and fixed my hair, enjoying the nature around me, and I looked down and there was another ladybug crawling towards my armpit! I almost squished it! This ladybug stuck around a little bit longer, crawling around on my pant leg and my backpack until I had to leave for class. Again I was caught thinking about what luck and good fortune could present itself to me in the future, all because of a little bug! I love the times in my life when I realize that every little moment in my life has been touched by the hand of God. These are the moments when I remember how amazing His love is and am totally in awe.

Word of Wisdom: There are only two ways to live your life. One is as though nothing in life is a miracle. Second is as though everything in life is a miracle. - Albert Einstein

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cgrace1227 said...

What a great story, Simone! Lady bugs were named after our Blessed Mother. Maybe it was she who was blessing you that day!