Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Happy Valentine's Day 2012!

With all the gushing I do around here about my wonderful boyfriend and how in love I am with him, you're probably thinking I love Valentine's Day. Truth is I think you should show and tell people how much you love them every single day. Valentine's Day is just so commercialized that I find it slightly irritating. I didn't buy a big gift or a card for Levi for Valentine's Day. I made him some coupons for foot massages, boys' nights in or out, house cleaning and a date night! I also did a couple of cheesy things like buy his favorite gum (Winterfresh) and mints (Ice Breakers Frost) and attach notes that said "I chews you to be mine forever and always." and "We are mint to be." Ridiculously cheesy but he loved it. I also asked him to be my valentine this morning and he said yes! :) Yes I did something to celebrate but these are things I do weekly or monthly anyway because I'm that weirdly gushy and loving person. I don't even know if he'll be getting me a present, and if he doesn't it might be kind of disappointing, but in the end I really don't care. I know that he loves me every single day and we don't need to do anything special today. Flowers die, chocolate makes you fat. A handwritten note would be nice but I know that that's not his thing. So if you're single and hate this day, don't feel bad. I felt the same way last year and that I just hated this day because I was alone. But in reality I don't care for it because I truly believe that if Valentine's Day is the only day people in a relationship do something special, you have a problem.

So share the love with your neighbors, your friends and your family instead. Don't worry about the significant other or lack there of on this silly holiday. Love should be given 365 days a year, so love on!