Friday, April 6, 2012

He kinda loves me

Since the end of February, Levi and I had been working on his new rental house...yes a rental house he's going to rent, not let others rent. That's the way we do in western Kansas especially when it's a guy who likes to work with his hands and it gets him 2 months of free rent. It's 8 miles from town but only 2 miles off the highway and it is wonderful! It's a two bedroom, two bathroom house with gorgeous picture windows in the living room. There's also a space that is going to be the office and a guest bedroom with a futon if needed. It gives him more space and he's in the me we're both happier out there. You can't take country kids and place them in the city that easily. Not that I'm living with him...we're saving that move until we get married, but I do spend a lot of time out there. There's something about an unblocked sunrise and sunset that feeds my soul...and being able to see the stars even more clearly than in town. I'll post pictures soon!

We worked on that house atleast 5 out 7 nights a week in addition to most of the weekend until March 25 and he finally moved in! We painted, laid flooring, cleaned and cleaned until it was livable. There's still the mudroom and back bathroom to do but for now it's working great as a dog room...Atly is a little messy since we have more mud and dirt. I enjoyed helping him because it was a great way for us to spend quality time together and be active. Three months of hibernating and pretty much only watching TV together was not okay with me. I've also never done that much work to a house and was amazed time after time as he would know exactly what to do to change out sink fixtures, fix a leak, fill a hole, or lay trim. Absolutely amazed! Needless to say I really enjoyed helping. But he felt compelled to get me a thank you gift.

My very own shiny red Kitchenaid Stand Mixer! He gave it to me last Friday and we were busy all weekend so I couldn't use it until Monday night when I made my famously delicious chocolate chip cookies. I kind of dislike chocolate chip cookies...except for these.

If you're in need of a good chocolate chip cookie recipe look no further than this one! I've never used parchment paper but this time I used it instead of baking spray...I'm never going back. Parchment paper is my new cookie baking savior! Try it, you'll like it.

I promise I can cook and bake things other than these cookies but for a simple dessert, this is the way to go. I'm actually going to make a lemon meringue pie this afternoon, so I'll document and post the recipe and photos here! :)

Look at my pretty mixer!

Anyway...I think he kinda loves me. He is the best darn gift giver...even when I don't need anything he gets me something. I simple thank you would have sufficed but seriously I am in love with this mixer! And with him! I love you Levi!

I have the afternoon off so I think I'm going to really break in the mixer and bake some goodies! And maybe garden some as well, I need to plant my peas and my herbs! I hope you all have a happy Easter!