Thursday, May 23, 2013

The Perks of Housesitting

In the past three months I've taken up being a house sitter. The first few times I only did it for one family, but word got around and I was asked by someone else this week to housesit for them. So as I sit here, just thinking about how awesome this is, I thought I'd share.  For once a post and at that a positive one.

1) The extra cash- it never hurts to have a little extra cash on hand, especially for doing something as simple as watering plant, feeding and playing with the pets and watching tv.
2) Watching tv - I have lived here for almost two years and still don't have cable. I did finally get Internet and I do have the pleasure of watching Levi's tv. It is kind of nice to have total control of the remote though.
3) Playing with puppies - I know I have two adorable pups of my own, but it's always fun to play with other dogs. Until they chew on your shoe or sweater...but I guess my dog is no better.

4)House dreams- I enjoy examining floor plans and little details of the houses I stay in to figure out what I would like in a house someday. From this house, I would love a nice deck off the back like they have. And a nice pantry where the light comes on when you open it! So cool!
5) Pretend to be someone different - I get to pretend to be rich basically. And turn on the fancy switch lit fire place while I drink tea and read a book or watch tv. 

On the flip side, I miss spending time with my puppy and with Levi! And sometimes I get bored, but tonight I entertained myself by playing the piano. And even though I'm told to eat whatever I want, I usually eat the bare minimum and leave the pricey ingredients that I crave to their owners.