Sunday, January 5, 2014

2013 in Review

Wow! It's been a while since I've written. Maybe 2014 will be the year I get my crap together and actually write here more regularly...maybe once a month. Looking back at 2013, my first reaction is that it sucked. It was a rough year, I had some of the lowest lows I've ever had in my life. But then the other day flipping through iphone photos (I have so many it was time to delete what I could before my phone runs out of memory,) I realized as rough as the bad parts were I had some really awesome things happen and really cool experiences. So I thought I would share my favorites here:

I went to Chicago in January to see my best friend John! Even though it was bitterly cold, it was a blast to see John and experience a new place! 
First flight in over 2 years, which is crazy since I used to fly twice a year somewhere.
John and I at the Bean

Having happy hour appetizers at The Telegraph! First time eating oysters!

Sole in a to-die-for sauce at Joe's Stone Crab

Chicago style pizza! 

 In March I went to Lindsborg, Kansas...a community with very strong Swedish heritage! Apparently 2013 was the year of eating delicious food (and my clothes are showing it at the beginning of this year) because I enjoyed Swedish meatballs and lignon berries! 


March also brought a trip to Canyon, Texas for the Ogallala Commons' Southern Plains Conference on recreation and leisure. Definitely something that I don't get a lot of. My friend Lindsey from DC came out to Leoti and went down with me! I went plein aire painting in Palo Duro Canyon! While it was a beautiful view my painting skills did not reflect that.

 In April, we hosted the first ever Wind and Wheels Festival! It was so stressful, but it was an awesome feeling to have it come together successfully! The same weekend that happened, I had a visit from Abbey! It was so much fun having her come see me even though it was so busy! She's the best friend a girl could ask for! 

Run Abbey Run! She's a beast when it comes to running! 

In May, we ventured to Manhattan for my little brother's graduation from K-State! It was an interesting weekend overall, but I'm so proud of my brother for all that he's accomplished! He's now at OU being all smart in geophysics. 
We like to be awkward. 

June brought another trip to Texas for Ogallala Commons' intern orientation. It's surreal to see the growth that has occurred since 2007 in this program that I essentially helped start. June also brought two weddings: one of a friend and one of a cousin!
Community Interns!

Laura, Melissa and I were really close in high school!

Laura and Drew's cute guest book

Levi and I at my cousin's wedding!
In July, Levi and I celebrated our two year dating anniversary! I just love the fact that I came to this little town and found my perfect match. He still gives me butterflies and makes me laugh everyday.

In mid-July, two of my oldest friends came down to see me and go to a fundraiser concert! It was so nice catching up! 

In August my mom journeyed with me to the other end of the state to attend Joe Tinker Day in Muscotah, KS. It was definitely a unique experience, but it was a lot of fun! I also went to Colorado with Levi's family for his dad's birthday! I went hiking with the nieces and nephews and enjoyed nature! It was a much needed break! 

September was extremely busy with a trip to Oklahoma to see my brother, a Mexican Independence Day celebration (yes I know we're in America) and a day spent learning about the Northern Cheyenne Indians over in Scott City. My great-great-great uncle was killed and my great-great-great grandmother was raped by the Northern Cheyenne during their raid in the 1878. While it seems weird we were celebrating their history and making friends with them, it was really a way of healing wounds of the past. 

These tacos were so good! The Mexican community here celebrated their Independence Day in September and it was a blast! And again, the food was top notch!

In October I turned 25, but it really didn't seem to be that big of a deal. I mean I freaked out a little bit because my life's not where I thought it would be by 25. The best part of my birthday was this tiramisu made by my friend Tiffany! Oh my goodness it was awesome! 

I went to Lincoln with my brother and our friend for a mutual high school friend's wedding! It was the cutest little wedding I'd ever been too! So much joy and love! 

The beautiful bride and groom! 
The wedding dance was in the loft of a barn!
In November I went to Albuerquerque for an Ogallala Commons' Board Meeting and the Quivira Coalition Conference. The board meeting was good, the conference was not really my thing. The best part was eating at Papa Felipe's and stopping in Santa Fe to shop.

From the beginning of December to New Year's was the craziest I think my life has ever been. I packed my suitcase to leave for a meeting on December 4 and it didn't get unpacked again until just yesterday - January 4. Some of it was work, some of it was play, but it was a lot of go, go, go.

I went to Texas for the third time in 2013 for yet again, Ogallala Commons' training. I serve on their board of directors but will also be doing some contract work to get more internships going in Kansas and Nebraska. I ate Whataburger for the first time and stayed in a really cute bed and breakfast called the Yellow Rose Inn in Nazareth! It was awesome! If you're ever in the Texas panhandle stay here, it's worth it!

The next week my parents and I went to Dodge City for a Mannheim Steamroller concert! So much fun! 

And then after Christmas, Levi and I went to one of my best friend's weddings in KC. It was black-tie optional so Levi and I were dressed to the nines! The best part of this year was seeing three of my four best friends (that's allowed right?). The cool part is I met all four of them freshman year of college! That was almost 7 years ago!
We're the three best friends that anyone could have!

Gorgeous Megan!

We clean up well! Levi is exceptionally handsome in a tux! 

John and I excited for the wedding to begin!!

Whew, I feel better posting all these fun moments of 2013! Sorry it was a really long post, but I think it will help me get to blogging again, or at least have a better reflection of 2013. The highlights were definitely seeing Abbey, John, and Megan and celebrating 2 years with Levi! I can't wait to see what 2014 brings!