Friday, July 6, 2012

Colorado Vacation 2012 - For a wedding

I just got back from Grand Lake, Colorado! I've been there for Levi's sitsters wedding. They got married on July 4 and Levi and I were the witnesses. I wasn't able to get any photos of the wedding, but I have some of our cabin and our adventures the other two days. We stayed in a cute, cute cabin. I wanted to give you a little preview of the cabin...or frankly, the only pictures I took of the cabin, the night we arrived. It was a cute little two bedroom cabin located just off of Portal Road in Grand Lake, but we felt like we were in the middle of nowhere. I, of course, forgot to take a picture of Levi and my bedroom, but as I can tell now, it had stuff all over the bed. There was a nice little front porch where we sat and drank and chatted every night but I forgot to take a picture out front.

Neat carved picture in the corner of the living room.

Living Room - Very Cozy!

The living room was very cozy! On the coffee table you can see a little book. The book was a guest book that had neat little recommendations and favorite moments from previous guests. Two different couples got engaged in that living room there. So precious!

A look at the front door and our bedroom.
Our bed sloped towards the middle which turned out to be kind of hilarious sleeping. We both ended up clinging to the edge of bed so we didn't squish the other.

The newlyweds bedroom...tiny tiny beds!

The kitchen and dining area.

It was such a quaint little cabin! Levi and I've been talking about going back again, possibly with my family. The weather was a beautiful escape at 70-80 degree highs and mid 40 degree lows since we've been dealing with very dry and hot temps, 100+ in Kansas. We left the windows open all day and all night for some of the best sleeping weather ever. It was nice to cuddle up under the covers with the chilled air surrounding us, instead of the hot stickiness from sleeping at home.

The parents had a separate cabin about 20 minutes away that was more rustic but had a private lake. I'll post pictures of that tomorrow...or Monday! We did a lot of relaxing, shopping, eating, fishing and hiking, and celebrating, but it's so nice to be home. We missed Atly! The heat...not so much.

If you're ever looking for a getaway in Colorado, I would recommend Grand Lake. The cabins are all cute and in all shapes and sizes!