Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Visiting Mrs. and Mr. F

When I say Mrs. and Mr. F...I'm not making an Arrested Development reference,

Please tell me there is atleast one Arrested Development fan out there!

 I'm talking about seeing Laura from The Luckiest in Love!

Laura was my roommate of two years here at KU! She is absolutely fabulous and I love her blog! She actually got me hooked on blogging or atleast reading other people's blogs and now look at me! :) She got married last June and I was lucky enough to be a bridesmaid in her fabulous wedding(you should definitely check out all of her DIY projects and recaps, this is just my fav)! I even got to help with her proposal/ Mr. F's proposal to her...read here! and here! Anyway...that all being said I haven't seen her since July, when she came up to move the last of her things back home! And then I went off to DC and finally made it back to Kansas! With her birthday coming up, I took a little trip to see her and her hubby and their little dog too!

On Friday night, we went out to dinner at their favorite restaurant, Redrock Canyon Grill. I've heard Laura talk about it many times, but had never actually been there myself. I ordered the Chicken Ciabatta Sandwich and it was delightful! The F's ordered chicken enchiladas and the Caesar salad which is the norm and shared. They're too cute! It was great to catch up on their lives!

I got to break in their new sofa sleeper in their adorable living room! The sleep was much needed! Go me! On Saturday, we slept in (a rareity for me) and Laura and I went and grabbed breakfast at Panera for a little girls' time before the KU game! Mr. F (I'm laughing everytime I write this because of the Arrested Development reference...lame I know) had to put in a few hours at the office that morning. The Hawks won beating Mizzou(boo) for their 7th straight Big 12 championship! Laura was my basketball buddy the entire time we lived together!

Rock Chalk!

After the game and a late lunch at Il Vicino - love Italian food - I went and saw some family friends(more like family than friends) in the afternoon/evening and made it back to Mr. and Mrs. F's house in time to head down to Old Town! We met up with their friends Zach and Channing at Mort's Martini Bar! It has the best martini I've ever had! I tried a caramel apple and sangria martini and they were both superb! There was a live musician playing some sweet tunes and the conversation was awesome! I just love nights like that!

Laura and Channing looking beautiful!(kind of sad I didn't get a picture with Laura here)

I had to jet early on Sunday to get back and do some darn homework...school totally cramps my social style sometimes. I had a wonderful weekend catching up with my dearest roomie and her husband! I love having a friend that I can catch up with easily though we've been apart for a while. I love being reminded of the funny things we each do..check our pose in the picture below (always with the elbows out). :) I also am thankful that I can learn about love from Mr. and Mrs. F as I always have. And I think they realize how lucky they are to have found each other early as I relay my awkward dating stories to them. I loved seeing their awesome home decorated with photos of their wedding and reminders of the importance of love! Here's the only picture I have of the two of us on my camera...I'm not sure what I was thinking with the hair-do..ugh! But check out part of her living room! Love it and love her!

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Laura said...

Awww, such a fun post! I'm already ready for you to come visit again!