Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Labor Day Weekend 2012

I had a great Labor Day weekend! It started off on Friday night with our final Cinema at City Hall for the summer! We showed The Lorax and had an exceptional turnout considering it was the holiday weekend and there was an away high school football game...which I got crap for but haters gonna hate.

After the movie was over and we took down all the equipment, Levi and I headed to his parents house where I was going to meet my new puppy Charley! I'm so thankful that Ashley and Tyler took care of Charley the past few weeks! She's on a good path to potty training. It was really cute to see her playing with Bella and Colby - Ashley's pups!

Let me tell you...she is absolutely adorable! I was so nervous at first because I've never had a dog this small. Usually the puppies my family got were the same size as she will be when she's full grown. Also, I've never had to potty train a puppy before...all our dogs were outside dogs. Whole new experience. I never thought I would be as stressed as I am now. Don't get me wrong...I love her to pieces and I don't mind cleaning up the poop and pee but I try and help her get outside in time and she doesn't do it out there.

Here she is! So Cute! Sorry about the ugly toe.
All day Saturday I bonded with her at Levi's house while he was dove hunting with some buddies. Saturday afternoon I went to my friend Aimee's house. Aimee and I made dog biscuits for our pups...she has two dogs, a cocker spaniel named Bubba Gump and a bulldog named Daisy! Then we just relaxed and drank sangria the rest of the afternoon. I love chill days like that. Charley wasn't as playful that day, but as I soon found out, she had a tummy ache.

On Sunday, Levi and I loaded up and headed up to see my parents. We went to a lake in Nebraska and fished all afternoon! It was a lot of fun! I'd never been out on my dad's new boat so that was pretty neat! Growing up we only had a little bass boat and now he has a big old speed boat. It's always so nice when Levi and I get to spend time with my family! We stayed with my parents and got on the road around noon on Monday! Charley liked to snuggle right in our laps and ride.

Snoozing on Levi's lap!

Levi has got me some amazing gifts in the past year and two months, but Charley is pretty close to being my favorite! The only reason she isn't my down right favorite is mostly because as much as I worry about a puppy and whether I'm a good puppy mom, it really makes me doubt my future abilities to be a mom to a human! What if Levi sees all my faults and lack of patience and decides I'll be a terrible mom? Besides enjoying all the family time and puppy snuggling, I've been really freaking out about my ability to be a mom to future kids. I love her and I love that he got her for me, but what if I fail her and in turn fail him?!

If you have any puppy training tips, please let me know!!


Abbey said...

You're so cute! And so is Charley! I'm sure you will be an exceptional puppy mom and even better human mom someday. Parents grow with their kid. You'll learn it all. And Charley will worship you :)

MrsWoodythe2 said...

Simone, I personally don't think you could fail at anything. First, the total family entertainment that you brought to Leoti was more than fun for its residents, it was something the town has needed for years! (As a former resident, I can say this!) Some adults in that town have always put far too much energy into their children's sports (some do it even though they don't have kids) as their warped way of reliving their only "glory" days; some use it for its intended purpose - team building, physical activity. It's called EXTRAcurricular for a reason, as you know! Secondly, you are already an amazing puppy Mom! It's not easy. It takes patience, and sometimes, just like with real kids, you don't always hold it together. My Hubby tells me that kids are easier than puppies ;-) This is a great experience for you and Levi to share together!! I can tell you that I get frustrated with Colby and Bella, I even lose my temper from time to time. You've been around them when I leave the house, do you think they hate me or think that I've failed them? Nope! I do the best I can, as will you. I wish I could give you a peace about your abilities, but that's something you will develop with time. Stay positive; have faith in yourself, in Levi, and in Charley. You are a remarkable woman!! You are becoming a remarkable puppy Mom; you will be a remarkable human Mom! I'm highly intelligent, you should listen to me. Love you!!