Thursday, September 27, 2012

Colorado Vacation 2012: A Fishy Tale

So I'm only about 3 months behind on this one, but I want to tell the world of yet another strawberry blonde moment before I move on to other things in my life.

To refresh your memory, on July 4, Levi's lovely sister, got married in a simple, beautiful ceremony in Grand Lake, Colorado. Levi and I stood up as witnesses for them. We stayed in this cute cabin and the parents stayed in one a few miles outside of town. On Thursday, the day after the wedding, we headed out to their cabin for breakfast of mush, sausage, bacon, and coffee! Yum!

After breakfast, Levi and I headed out to the lake to do a little fishing. I cast the pole a few times and then we decided we should go out in the canoe or paddle boat and try fishing! I love canoeing so I was game. I told him I needed to go to the cabin real quick to get some sunscreen and then we could head out. As soon as I came out, he told me to go grab his pole and we'd load up. I walked over to grab the pole but it was gone. He asked if I'd secured it when I went inside and the obvious answer was "no, you didn't tell me." So, there it was, gone in a matter of seconds. A very expensive fishing pole. As we stood looking out over the clear water, trying to spot the pole, we saw the bobber pop to the top and then right back down.

We ran over to the paddle boat, grabbed an oar just in case and paddled out to where we kept seeing the bobber make its way to the surface. For about 10 minutes we moved around the area chasing the bobber until Levi slyly put his oar under the line and flopped a beautiful rainbow trout into the boat. We followed the line until we finally pulled in the pole. And then burst out laughing...we just chased a stupid fish around for 10 minutes to catch him in the most unconventional way. We paddled back to shore and worked on unhooking the fish to keep him for dinner.

In the meantime, Papa, Levi's dad had caught another rainbow trout by fly fishing from the shore. So as Levi rushed to help him and I untangled the fishing line, our poor paddle boat drifted away. I looked up panicked that again I'd forgotten to tie yet something else down. Papa's fish was under control so Levi and I hopped in the canoe and rescued the paddle boat. As we reached shore again with both boats, Levi hopped out to pull the paddle boat to shore and I almost ended up in the lake as the canoe wobbled in the shallow water.
The mess of tangled line and boats.

Thankfully I stayed dry and both boats were safe. Needless to say it was the most exciting 20 minutes of our vacation. And I think Levi decided I wasn't allowed to go fishing anymore. But I did catch a keeper so take a look:

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Abbey said...

Oh. my. goodness. best way to catch a fish ever.