Friday, January 13, 2012

Finally Friday

My ever so handsome boyfriend has been out of town since Monday for work and I have missed him dearly. Props to long distance folk because this is hard and it was just for a week. Luckily I have had a super busy week at work and with meetings for the ninety million other organizations I'm involved in so keep my mind off of missing him. Okay, ninety million is a far stretch but for such a small town, I think I'm involved with four clubs plus I sing at church plus everyone invites me to their meetings to see if I will write grants for them. I'm such a softie so I of course want to help but then realize where the heck will I find the time and energy to do all this. Sometimes I realize there is a fine line between my job and my fun/social life. For instance, one the of the clubs I absolutely wanted to be a part of was the Arts Alliance. I love art of all sorts and knew that they did a community play, which I REALLY wanted to be part of. Notice I say wanted, because now that they are doing the play (fun) the weekend of a regional tourism event that I'm our local coordinator for (work). So I treated the last Arts Alliance meeting as working late because I had to get them to get specific plans for the event. Which worked against me and now I don't get to act.

Anyway, I'm so excited for this day to be over because Levi will be back home! We're going to be going out of town Saturday night for his work branch's holiday party! Sunday is also our 6 month anniversary and I'm really excited for the little gift I've been working on. And then I have a three day weekend yay (though once again I'll be teetering on the fine line between work and social organization with a meeting and also writing newspaper articles for three different projects)!  But I can do that in my pajamas if I so choose.

Do you have any fun plans for the weekend? Anything you've been impatiently waiting for today to get here for?


Abbey S said...

Goodness you're busy! Happy almost 6 months :) I'm sorry you don't get to be in the play. I'm sure you would have been wonderful!

We need to figure out a weekend I can come see you! Miss you. Happy Friday! :)

Abbey S said...

PS That's such a cute picture!