Friday, July 22, 2011

Update...I'm Exhausted

Well I've certainly been sucking at blogging. This whole "no internet" thing is a real pain, but on top of that I have been so darn busy I'm not sure when I'd have time. Last week, I was busy helping with high school girls' basketball camp! It was such an amazing time. I love basketball and I really enjoyed helping out the girls and getting to know them. They are our future and I want to try and make a positive impact in their lives in any way possible. It was also fun playing basketball again. Just as I was getting in shape...kind of...the week was winding down. The first day kicked my butt with basic scrimmaging. I ended up with a pinched nerve in my neck and bruised knees. I was definitely showing my age...I felt so old at 22. I won't have the time to be the official assistant coach but I hope I get a chance to help coach them again sometime.

This week has both flown by and dragged on. Monday, Tuesday and last night I had meetings and events in the evening. I'm so excited it's the weekend and I'll get to relax a little bit. It was so great to get almost 2 inches of rain last night even though it completely ruined my community clean-up event. In Western Kansas you learn not to complain when you get rain; it's always welcome. Over the last couple of weeks I've finally made some friends, one of them being of the male sort. He's pretty amazing...such a gentleman, which I feel is a very rare find. It's so nice to not feel so alone in my new world. I've also had a couple of really exciting things happen to me professionally but I can't really share details here. Let's just say I'm loving life!

Next week is our community's fair. I'm going to try and blog about it everyday, but we'll see how that works out. From what I've been told it's one of the few things that occur here where people all band together to make something great happen. There's going to be fair events like a rodeo and a parade, a carnival where all the rides and games are only 25 cents and everything is community owned and operated, and of course I've been told about all the delicious food such as bierocks, pies, pancake feeds, and cotton candy. I've volunteered to work four different events so I'm excited for a chance to be a part of this huge community event!

Have a great weekend!

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