Thursday, February 3, 2011

Washington DC: Food Review, Bars

So "bars" doesn't really describe a type of food, but they deserve a review too! While I don't think I ever ate anything too terribly delectable or out of the ordinary at any bars, happy hours were frequent occurances. I have to tell you, happy hours ruined me...I've come back to college life and drinking doesn't start until 9:30 or 10, which means I don't get to sleep until 12 or 1 (though really I keep whimping out and either a) not going out or b) being done by 11). With happy hours in the real world, I got to drink at 6 and if I so chose I was in bed by 9:30 or 10. Its a rough adjustment. I'm partially kidding, only because I'm not that ahem...lame.

Without further adieu, DC's notable bars according to Simone.
 First, The POV bar at the W Hotel. This is a very popular bar due to it's prime location overlooking the White House. I first went there with my roommate T and her parents. It was such a treat to view the city at night from a rooftop bar. However, this high bar comes with a high pricetag. Cocktails were about $15 each and I would have to say the food was less than perfect. I had a BLT with avacado, which you can't really screw up, that was just okay. The next time I went with my bestie I had a crab cake sandwich that was not really to my liking due to mustard and mayonnaise. But the view is incredible and it's a fun night thing to do if you don't mind sticking with just one drink. Also, make sure to make reservations, it's a very hopping spot.

Speaking of destinations that require reservations, check out The Gibson, one of DC's speakeasies. True to speakeasy fashion, it's basically a hole in the wall until you get in and it's great! The dimly lit bar specializes in serving you a cocktail with just what tickles your taste buds. You can tell your server what alcohol and flavors you like and they will mix you up something you should enjoy. Your reservation is only good for two hours though, which is just enough time for a couple drinks. Though again make sure your wallet is full because you'll easily drop $12+ on a drink. I would totally recommend going though, it's a nice bar to casually chat with your pals while enjoying just-for-you cocktails. Sorry beer guys, this won't really be your scene.

One of the Gibson's cocktails.

I miss these guys so much! Our night (read 2 hours) at the Gibson was one of my favorites!

Both the Gibson and the POV are more special type bars, now for the nitty gritty happy hour bars. My favorite of these was Pour House located on Pennsylvania Ave SE. The top level was my favorite with lounge couches and dim lights. I'm certainly more a lounge kind of girl rather than a dancing queen. I like the Pour House because it kind of fosters a slightly different vibe on each level. Top = lounge, middle = sports bar, bottom = man-cave with pool tables and dart boards (I guess they officially refer to it as the games level)!

Playing darts at Pour House with J and L on election night 2010

Just down the way from Pour House lies Tune Inn and Hawk'n'Dove, two quite famous taverns for Hill staffers to frequent. Tune Inn was recently on Food Network. It is quite reminescent of a country Kansas bar, taxidermied animals on the walls, tacky signs on the walls, but the beer is cold and the burgers are pretty juicy so it makes the cut. Hawk'n'Dove offers free snacks during happy hours. One time we went and they had grilled cheese sandwiches which I thought were a deliciously, greasy match for a brewsky.

So far we've been hanging at bars downtown or on the House side. A couple of my favorites from the Senate side are Union Pub and their Wednesday night bucket of beers and mini corndogs. Every time I went there was with someone special so I'm quite fond of it and the memories we made. Again minicorn dogs were so yummy and a really good deal. They're also known for their pizzas which I must admit have an awesome crust. It's the perfect thickness and if I remember correctly, it's sourdough like.

I also enjoy Capitol City Brewing Company. This was one of the first places I ate the first weekend I moved to DC. I'm a wheat beer girl and their wheat beer is pretty darn good! I also totally recommend their appetizers: hummus, crab dip, nachos and their complimentary pretzels with horseradish dipping sauce...this place has it going on!

So I guess some of the bars had memorable food but none as good as two others I will write about next time! Coming up: two special bars and a few brunch treats!


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Ok, you need to come visit me and I'll take you to this adorable martini bar here. I just love it! And if David and I ever visit DC I'm totally coming back to these posts! :)

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