Friday, February 11, 2011

Food Review: Yia Yia's Euro Bistro

I have such a love affair with food it's quite silly. No one understands this as well as my best friend, who I got to see last weekend and tonight! She lives in Oklahoma and we haven't seen each other two weekends in a row since freshman year. Last weekend I flew down to OKC for her birthday and then last minute she booked a flight to KC to spend this weekend with her mama. So tonight I joined her and her mother at Yia Yia's Euro Bistro in Overland Park. First impressions, it was very Euro, they did a good job with that one. And the bar was packed, good sign. We had reservations at 6:45 and boy were they right on time. As we sat down the table behind us was getting their food and it smelled amazing! My friend's mom sat down opened the menu and immediately closed it, already knowing what her favorite dish was and that she would be sticking with it, the grilled salmon salad. I, of course, new here took a fair amount of time evaluating my choices and my oh my, were there alot. I finally opted for the sweet corn risotto and wood grilled shrimp. My bestie ordered a pear and avocado salad. She also, in some secret Yia Yia code, ordered baba ganoush. It's actually my understanding this is included with your order so even if you don't have any Yia Yia secrets(haha), you will still be able to enjoy this amazingly delicious appetizer. I had never had or heard of baba ganoush, which I now realize is so sad because it may be my new favorite's like hummus but 800 times better. And the bread that they serve it with was warm and delicious with the perfect amount of crunch in the crust. And my mouth is watering.

So as we quickly polished off the baba ganoush, and may have considered asking the table next to us if they were going to eat theirs, the chefs prepared our amazing dinners. The sweet corn risotto was absolutely divine. And the shrimp slightly spicy but such a good mate for the creamy sweet risotto. I have to figure out a way to duplicate that entire meal. My bestie, who is a vegetarian, said she now plans on ordering the risotto sans shrimp in the future. Yia Yia's has locations in KC, Denver, St. Louis, Little Rock and Wichita. If any of these are near you, go and eat there as soon as possible. It would make a fabulous date spot...Valentine's Day is Monday...hint hint. Or it could be just be fun if you're a Europe lover who doesn't have the moolah to cross the pond. Fabulous flavors abound. I really wish I would of brought my camera because I would showcase my delicious shrimp and risotto but I forgot. So feast your eyes on my beautiful bestie and I last weekend in OKC!

Isn't she a babe?

Have you ever been to a Yia Yia's? If so what did you think?

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Laura said...

We've been meaning to go (to the one in Wichita, obviously)! Hopefully we'll get around to it sometime. :)