Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Just breathe

Wow the past 5 days have been insane and not at all what I expected. Last week started out rough because of reasons I'll get to later or hopefully I won't have to. But I was feeling pretty low and bummed and trying to figure out my path. Then on Friday, I was getting ready to head back to Lawrence and my family found out my grandpa had passed away. This put my life on hold. My grandpa was 86 years old and had lived a full life and was ready to go but I still was not expecting his passing to come so soon. It makes me realize that we never know what's going to happen so we need to make sure we always tell those we love how we feel. Always. Needless to say I have been on quite the emotional rollercoaster over the past week and a half, especially the past 4 days with not many highs. However, I have done a ton of thinking and have sooo many ideas for things to write about so hopefully I'll be posting lots soon. Not that anybody reads this yet, but I feel I need to explain my lack of postings, not that there were that many to begin with. I think I just needed to write something. haha.

So I'll leave you all with a picture of my sweet grandfather and I. It was taken last April at our Easter celebration. :)

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