Saturday, February 28, 2009

And the words come out...

I'm new to blogging and thought it would be a great idea to start a blog of my own. I also need to learn how to blog so I can teach interns this summer for my job. Right now, I'm seriously regretting it. I think I'm an interesting person but I really don't know who would want to follow this or what I can even write about on a regular basis.

Back in my childhood, which seems like forever ago, but really isn't, I wanted to be a famous author. I still have that silly little dream but instead of publishing simple minded poetry, I want to be that one writer who shines a light into the lives of others. I want to write words that people would want to quote the world around, or that someone could turn to in a moment of darkness when they're looking for an answer. Perhaps through writing this blog someone will find me inspirational and I'll be on my way to helping others. Haha. However this is my first post so I should take a step back before diving into the deep end.

Words of wisdom: Take one day at a time.

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