Tuesday, May 6, 2014

We're getting married! Wee!

Over two weeks ago that handsome man I spend the majority of my free time with, got down on one knee in front of a crowd and asked me to marry him! It was the day of the 2nd Annual Wind and Wheels Festival and I had been up on the stage announcing the Car Show awards. The car show organizer then took the mic and made a few announcements ending with, "If anyone else has something to say, come on up here." Being the airhead that I am, I took the mic back and made one more announcement about beer tokens and the car cruise that should follow the event, of course, having my words get twisted in the process (it's genetic). As I turned around, there struts Levi toward the stage.I just kept walking towards him, until he gently pushed me back on the stage and took a knee. The crowd went wild. Whoops and hollers abound. I saw his lips move as he pulled a box from his pocket. I stepped back in disbelief, my hand flying to my mouth. The day was finally here, he had officially asked me to be his forever! I said yes, my hands were shaking. 

On day 1,009, the love of my life asked me to be his wife, to move forward through life together always and forever! I'm a little slow getting the word on here because I've been busy planning a wedding. November 15 of 2014 is the date! So far we've got our bridal party picked, the locations, the photographer and the DJ. Ideas for everything else abound. No one should ever let a Libra plan a wedding alone...or with very little input from her groom. I know for the past few weeks I've drove him crazy. How does one make everyone happy and be fair to people without too much expense or hurt feelings, all the while making sure you don't go broke in the process. Part of me wants to skip all the planning and just run away so we can finally BE married. But the reception and party are all part of the fun! This blog is about to begin to get more sappy and wedding focused...but only for a few short months. 

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